Even at the top of the AAA… #MemoirsOfA5Footer

My name is Alejandro Hernandez, but everyone calls me Nanu.cd711-aaametroymedio

I’ve been posting fun facts and short stories about my life and my height for a little while now; yes, stories about my life and my height… But, how so? You might ask. Well, I am a 5 foot tall person (and that is a whole lot of 60 inches!) One and a half meters, which means I often look at the world from a perspective, from the bottom, down up. Does it bother me? Nope, not at all! Actually, I think that other people tend to worry more than I do when it comes to this topic…

And that is exactly what this blog is about, my 5 foot adventures, more precisely, my #MemoirsOfA5Footer (#MemoriasDeUnMetroYMedio in Spanish). If you search for this hashtag in social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) you will find tweets, photos, comments and posts in general about my height, and that’s how this blog was born. So, let’s get to it!

It was a nice day in November, and the tropical madness of oh-my-goodness-it’s-hot-and-humid-outside of Miami had already slowed down. We had visitors at home and we had plans to go see the mighty Miami Heat in the AAA.


I left work and headed home during sunset. Traffic was heavy but I managed to get there at a decent time. Everybody got ready and off we go! We got to the AAA on time: my cousin with his wife and their little one in the belly, and me and my wife with our not so little one out of the belly.

The crowd shouted “Let’s go Heat, let’s go Heat!” eveywhere, among other phrases that I couldn’t tell. Something was coming and going, but I wasn’t quite about it… Beer? Well, of course! (Except for the big belly, she had a soda or water, I don’t actually recall). The show was on and we were all in for it! Screaming “let’s go Heat, let’s go Heat” from the top of our lungs and following the fast pace of the game. Still, something kept coming and going, coming and going…

So I finally caught it: it was my head! Left, right, left, right, left, right… In other words, I had to lean left then lean right to actually watch the basketball game because the person that was sitting in front of me was blocking my view, and this is at the top of the AAA! AT THE TOP OF THE AAA!

Ever since I can remember, anytime, anywhere, I have always had the need to manage, jump, lean, and so on to get a good view for a movie, theater, concert. Hey, concerts are epic. I remember watching No Doubt and Alanis Morissette in Caracas: I had to walk back and forth the whole time to get a clear and decent view!

Man, even at the top of the American Airlines Arena my view gets blocked!




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